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Master’s Degrees in Chile

The universities of the Council of Rectors offer a significant number of Master’s programs in all disciplines.

Each of these programs has been subjected to strict quality assurance procedures, so that students may expand and develop their knowledge in order to solve complex disciplinary, interdisciplinary or professional problems in a systematic and creative fashion.

Meanwhile, Master’s programs in Chile help students begin a career as researchers in a specific area of knowledge, leading to greater theoretical and conceptual depth.

Individuals who wish to expand their knowledge and acquire new tools for a more complex professional development will find many opportunities on this page.

This information system only includes Master’s programs accredited by the National Accreditation Committee.

The programs in Master’s Degrees in Chile have different structural characteristics. While some are academic in nature, others are professional, and a great number tend to combine both aspects. Generally, this type of differentiation is associated to different fields of knowledge and may be identified in the program’s description and goals.

In terms of dedication, most of the programs of universities of the Council of Rectors are offered in face-to-face classroom sessions, with part-time dedication.

In terms of the territory, although accredited Master’s programs are distributed throughout Chile, most prorgams are still concentrated in just a few regions. The Metropolitan, 5th and 8th regions offer the majority of all Master’s programs taught in Chile.

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