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Agriculture and Ocean Sciences

The wide geographical variety that Chile offers allows to study the complex american ecosystems.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics with the highest standards of scientifical productivity in the world


From a wide range of perspective broaching the cultural phenomenons interpellating the Latin American processes.

Health Care

Highest scientific level education to assume leadership in investigation, teaching, generation of public health politics of chile, Latin American and Caribbean.

Arte y Arquitectura

(With) a complex diary which forms researchers in the architecture field, design, and the challenges from cities of 21st century.

Social Sciences

Sociology, psychology , anthropology broaching the new challenges of contemporary society.


Qualifying researchers for the field of educational politics, the challenges of school and learning processes.

Engineering and Technology

Highest scientific level qualification to carry out inventive investigation with a significant contribution to the large field of application.


Offering a large knowledge and educating researches which contribute to discipline and law applications at an excellence level.

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